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5:11 am on Sunday January 17, 2010

World Beer Festival Columbia showcases shallow beer fun

Image by Timmons Pettigrew COAST represents at WBF.In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a committed beer geek who has long since drank the proverbial craft beer kool-aid. I'm always seeking out the next release, the next new brewery to hit SC,...
10:45 am on Sunday January 25, 2009

Columbia beer festival in photos

Image by Flickr user ChrysImage by 20090125-beer-fest.jpgFlickr user "chrys" once again shares a great photo gallery connected to beer and South Carolina, this time he traveled to Columbia for the "World Beer Festival" on Saturday, January 24. Watch...
6:09 am on Saturday January 24, 2009

Big beer fest coming to Columbia

Update January 24: If you've been debating on whether or not to go, The State has a fun, useful guide to the big fest. Go read it. Oh, and here's links to the beer line-up and a map to the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Online ticket sales...