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5:23 am on Wednesday November 28, 2012

Trader Joe's gets a little closer to Myrtle Beach

Photo by Phil Roeder Trader Joes open their first Wilmington location this Friday. Many Myrtle Beach area locals make a special stop to the Mount Pleasant and North Carolina Trader Joe's... some even make special trips. Well the special trip just...
5:25 am on Monday March 26, 2012

Gas prices rise, so do tourism numbers

Flickr user Brian Mitchell Gas prices might have jumped to an average of $3.65 in South Carolina but we're still enjoying prices approximately 20¢ less than everyone else in the country. Those two dimes might be a big help for Myrtle Beach this...
6:56 am on Monday November 7, 2011

Iron Man 3 to be produced just up the road from Myrtle Beach (Update: 1000 extras needed EVENTUALLY)

Update 11/9/11: Thanks to a tip from JoBlo.com and our pal Emerson Brown it looks as if Iron Man 3 is need of some extras, but don't hold your breath. There looks to be some mix-up as to who is actually doing the background work on the movie. As of...