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5:53 am on Sunday September 8, 2013

How big a risk would Navy training off Southeast coast be?

While the Navy says a five-year air and water training program off the Southeast coast poses no danger, conservationists say that 200 whales and other marine mammals could face death.
8:00 am on Thursday March 24, 2011

Great white sharks hanging out off the Georgia coast

Flickr user AlKok The Brunswick News has a report that was picked up by the AP regarding an increase in the number of great white sharks being spotted off the Georgia coast. Of course it was picked up by the AP, it's about sharks. Scientists say...
6:09 pm on Thursday September 18, 2008

Whales could face naval sonar threat

Image by Flickr user TheAlieness GiselaGiardinoImage by 20080918sonar.jpg Sound plays an integral role in whale life and survival, and they don't like the sound the Navy plays. You might equate it to Richard Simmons performing at a symphony hall....