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3:23 am on Wednesday November 25, 2009

Touting culture and environment, Vespa pizzeria opens on Daniel Island (updated)

Image by VespaImage by 20091016-oven.jpg Their wood-fired oven. Updates at the bottom: This one's just popping up on our radar and it looks like they haven't gotten any coverage yet, so we'll get you oriented with the basics.  Vespa pizzeria has...
10:10 am on Wednesday October 21, 2009

Former Rue de Jean chef's new pizzeria is the real deal

Image by Flickr user bottegaImage by 20091021-pizza.jpg Former executive chef of 39 Rue de Jean, Jon Banta, has been serving up some serious slices over at his Daniel Island Neopolitan pizzeria, Vespa Pizzeria. The Charleston City Paper has a brief...