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9:20 am on Tuesday July 22, 2014

Myrtle Beach city leaders invite cab drivers to share opinions of Uber

Local cab company drivers are invited to voice their opinions at a Myrtle Beach council meeting Tuesday [...] Despite the unveil of UberX, Myrtle Beach cab drivers say their business has not been affected.  I overheard a random tourist telling a...
8:44 am on Wednesday June 25, 2014

App Driven Car Service Uber is Coming to Myrtle Beach

One of those little birds have sung to us again and has informed us that Uber, an app driven car service  is coming to Myrtle Beach. Uber is in currently in 70 cities and all around the world.  Uber is pretty simple to use. You download their app,...
9:17 am on Sunday April 20, 2014

Old Amtrak stop to see new life as region's bus, taxi, train hub

Plans for a new intermodal taxi, train, bus transport hub at West Montague are being dropped in favor of redeveloping the area around the old Amtrak station.
10:12 am on Monday January 20, 2014

Several Charleston cabs fined for overcharging

More evidence that it's always wise to know the charge rates when stepping into a cab.
5:32 am on Tuesday April 9, 2013

Who knew we had that many? Downtown taxi strike gains momentum

Enforcement of the mandatory $5 base fare for downtown taxi rides is continuing to upset local taxi drivers, and one weekend soon an "occupy King Street parking" protest may happen, but not all area taxi companies plan to participate.
5:23 am on Monday April 8, 2013

Taxi drivers balk at $5 maximum fare

Didn't know downtown Charleston taxi cab rides were capped at a basic fare of $5? You wouldn't be alone as many drivers aren't following the ordinance, and new pressure to comply is provoking possible protest.
5:50 am on Monday March 26, 2012

Stingrays player arrested in FL for stealing a taxi

South Carolina Stingrays hockey player Trenton Campbell has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested in Naples, Florida for allegedly stealing a taxi.
10:32 am on Saturday January 21, 2012

Tweeting to a better taxi service

Image by Flickr user Roozbeh Rokni Writing for Ars Technica, Jacqui Cheng profiles a tweeting Chicago taxi cab driver: "Can you pick me up at my place in 15 minutes? Text me when you get here." No, this isn't a text message to a friend or a call...
2:26 am on Tuesday December 13, 2011

Thanks to a pack of cards, a 2002 North Charleston slaying ends in a conviction

A cold case involving the 2002 slaying of a North Charleston taxi driver, Eugene Thomas, has ended with a 20-year sentence for Derrick Wright. The conviction is being largely attributed to a deck of playing cards printed with the face and info of...
3:00 am on Tuesday October 4, 2011

Coast RTA offers door-to-door service for $6

TheDigitel MYR Coast RTA General Manager Myers Rollins speaks with the Carolina Forest community about public transportation. Need a ride from Little River to the airport? It's only six bucks. They'll even pick you up when you fly back in too. All...