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2:57 am on Monday September 2, 2013

South Carolina closes out fiscal year with $68M surplus, and $282M more in savings

Not only did South Carolina end this fiscal year with a surplus of $68 million, but the state's $6.2 billion budget also tucked $282 million into a rain day fund. Still, both are a far cry from the budget deficits of 2007 to 2009.
11:27 am on Sunday July 7, 2013

Where a $350M S.C. budget surplus landed

S.C. lawmakers had an extra $350 million to spend, here's where it went.
10:27 am on Friday November 18, 2011

What should Horry County do with nearly $10 million in found funds?

Flickr user Tony Case We learned from this week's Horry County budget retreat that $9,796,855 "unassigned" funds fell out of the skies. What do we do with it? The Carolina Forest Chronicle's Editor Michael Smith suggests a porition of the money be...
3:19 am on Friday June 18, 2010

S.C. could end this fiscal year with $100 million surplus

Image by Flickr user donabuciak Higher than expected state surpluses during the last two months could land South Carolina with it's first end of year budget surplus in ages, and a $100 million surplus at that.  John O'Conner over at The State has...