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1:21 pm on Saturday November 22, 2008

Does S.C.'s DHEC not have enough political pull?

Image by Flickr user SkrewtapeImage by 20081122-sulfur.jpg Sulfur: There's a lot in the diesel fuel used in shipping activities, and The State says that DHEC may not have taken its side effects seriously enough. Continuing their look into the roll...
1:57 pm on Monday September 22, 2008

Port report overlooks seriousness of cargo ship emissions

Image by Flickr user Jen SFO-BCN Image by 20080922pollution.jpg Ship exhaust: Not a color you want to inhale. At first glance, a report from the South Carolina State Ports Authority is seemingly good news: port related operations during 2005...
9:35 pm on Wednesday May 21, 2008

Bill would lessen pollution from cargo ships

Image by flickr user JenniferWoodardMaderazoImage by 20080521cargo_ship_pollution.jpg Cargo ships generally burn a cheap, tar-like diesel which has a sulfur content many thousands of of times higher than the diesel used by cargo trucks. Highly toxic...