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5:55 am on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant offers some of the best in the area

If you've not yet read up on Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant, the spot that opened in the old Raul's Mexican Grill in North Charleston has been earning a lot of praise. General vibe on this spot is: not as good as what you might find in California, but...
2:31 am on Monday June 25, 2012

Where to: Chilled and tasty soup in Charleston

Image by Flickr user ulterior epicure It's hot. It's been hot. It's gonna be hot for a while. And while this town may offer some pretty decent pho bac, it's hardly the weather for a steaming hot bowl of soup. It is, however, a great time for some...
5:12 am on Saturday June 23, 2012

Banh mi, pho, steam buns: CO Restaurant offers easy access to tasty Vietnamese classics

Image by CORevamping the space and setting up shop in the old Teavana location at 340 King Street, CO Restaurant has finally brought a way to get pho, steam buns, and banh mi during regular hours to downtown Charleston. Writing for the Charleston...
3:28 am on Friday June 25, 2010

Pho Bac returns to Mount Pleasant spot with its tasty soup

Image by Flickr user Thomas HawkGranted a 105 heat index isn't exactly the best time for a hot bowl of tasty beef broth, still I'm always excited to hear about one. Deidre Schipani dropped by Pho Bac in Mount Pleasant for a little review of the spot...
7:25 am on Sunday December 27, 2009

Charleston Mag reviews Five Loaves; It's as good as ever

Image by Flickr user FullyFunctnlPhil One of Five Loaves' favored vegetarian options.It was a sad day when Five Loaves closed up its spot at King and Calhoun streets in the former Millennium Music building. Though the closure was connected more to...