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3:59 am on Monday October 31, 2011

Charleston doing faster, cheaper fixes on sidewalk woes

Image by Flickr user elycefeliz A rather mild example of sidewalk issues in Charleston.Charleston sidewalks, they're almost a case study in problems you can have. The city is old, the ground is often landfill and sinks, many different types of...
3:40 am on Sunday May 8, 2011

Insight on just why Charleston's sidewalks are often so bumpy

Image by Flickr user Matt Carman A rather mild example of sidewalk issues in Charleston.Charleston is not a city where I'd want to be in charge of sidewalk maintenance. Off the top of my head, a top five list of reasons not to: Sidewalks are often...
10:45 am on Wednesday January 5, 2011

City Market vendors perturbed by merchandise display restrictions

Image by Flickr user rockygirl05Under a new law passed in November, shops and vendors located along the City Market may no longer hang paintings nor display mannequins or any other merchandise on city sidewalks. The City of Charleston describes the...
4:59 am on Saturday December 25, 2010

For Charleston it's slow going on cleaning up abandoned bike clutter

Image by TheDigitelA Charleston ordinance that passed back in July made it easier for the city to clean up abandoned bikes left clogging sidewalks and tethered to poles, trees, and the like. Still, many such bikes have remained for months and The...
4:23 am on Friday June 11, 2010

Downtown Charleston's best outdoor dining spots (updated)

Image by Still image by Flickr user eoshea Update: Charleston Scene has put out a list of their 17 favorite outdoor dining spots in various parts of town -- it may not be comprehensive or have a map, but it has nice descriptions. Take a read here....
3:12 am on Friday September 25, 2009

Case looking good for residential neighborhoods to get sidewalk diners

Image by TheDigitelImage by 20090925-queen-st.jpg After the City of Charleston made Queen Street Grocery take away their small sidewalk tables, and now the community has rallied and appears to be paving the way for limited sidewalk dining to return...
2:11 am on Friday March 13, 2009

Sidewalk dining could soon come to North Charleston

Image by Flickr user Lorianne DiSabato Image by 20090312-sidwalk.jpg With Charleston's weather turning nice, it could be a real draw -- if it's pushed through in time. Looks like North Charleston restaurants could soon be allowed to offer meals (...
4:01 am on Friday February 20, 2009

City: Stay open later and pay less for sidewalk dining

Image by Flickr user Jamie SanfordImage by 20090220-sidewalk.jpg Rule change or no, some sidewalks in Charleston will never see tables. So far both City Council and the city's Planning Commission have been supportive of waving the fees to have...
10:47 am on Saturday November 1, 2008

West Ashley sidewalk held up by land purchases

City of Charleston plans to add a sidewalk to a long chunk of Ashley Hall Road are being held up while a land purchase agreement with two property owners at the corner of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and Ashley Hall Road. Read about the holdup at The...
3:20 pm on Wednesday August 6, 2008

Meeting on Victoria Avenue sidewalks

A meeting over preliminary plans for Victoria Avenue sidewalks in North Charleston will be held on August 19 from 6-8 p.m. at Danny Jones Gymnasium, 5000 Lackawanna Boulevard, North Charleston by Charleston County RoadWise.