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4:58 am on Tuesday April 15, 2014

Student sues C of C, former professor in alleged sexual misconduct

A College of Charleston is unsatisfied with the school's actions in the wake of coerced sex allegations against former music professor Enrique Graf.
8:07 am on Thursday February 20, 2014

South Carolina in top five states for a very NSFW statistic, but it's a good one

South Carolina has ranked number four in states that have the longest sex, coming in at nearly five minutes. This data comes from an app (of course) called Spreadsheets. The app, "monitors your performance in bed to provide statistical and...
3:53 am on Wednesday February 27, 2013

'Sex Please, We're 60' at the Footlight Players

At the Footlight Players, the play "Sex Please, We're 60" is set at Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast in New England with a farce where Golden Girls meets Grumpy Old Men. Filled with mayhem, mischief, and mood swings, this witty farce examines what...
5:28 am on Friday October 26, 2012

Sex Shops, Fake Drugs & High Schoolers: an update on synthetic weed in #MYR

A bag of Trainwreck Hayze brand of Potpourri blend. update at the bottom... First Report March 3rd, 2012: In October of last year, South Carolina touted the ban of fake marijuana that went by the name of K2 and Spice, among others, but it didn't...
11:00 am on Wednesday May 25, 2011

North Charleston trio sought in human trafficking case (updated x3)

Update May 25: Rubi Bertaud-Cabrera pleaded guilty to a portion of one of the charges against her in the illegal sex trade case yesterday. What does this mean? That the victim, a 20-year-old Mexican immigrant, is no longer needed to testify and can...
6:15 am on Thursday November 25, 2010

Three alleged to have trafficked, held young Mexican woman for sex work

Image by Flickr user freefotoukUnpleasant attention has fallen on the Pepperhill subdivision of North Charleston off Ashley Phosphate Road after a young Mexican woman was found wandering the streets. She says she was brought into the country under...
11:40 am on Friday December 4, 2009

Myrtle Beach teacher accused of having sex with student

A teacher at St. James Middle School has been arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student.
9:25 am on Friday December 4, 2009

North Charleston online sex sell leads to rape, kidnap

Pretty shocking stuff.
12:19 pm on Wednesday November 4, 2009

Man caught having sex with horse sentenced to 3 years behind bars

Image by Flickr user itroyImage by 20091104-horse.jpg After being caught having sex with a horse, for the second time, Conway resident Rodell Vereen has been sentenced to three years in prison. So uh, yeah. Hop over to The Post and Courier for the...
3:20 am on Monday September 21, 2009

Hormone pills turn more S.C. male bass into 'bassinas'

Image by USGSImage by 20090921-bass.jpg A USGS study says some 20% of male bass are being effected by fish feminization as human birth control and other chemicals seep into water ways.  Read more stories on this subject in our water topic page.In S...