S.C. Climate Energy & Commerce Advisory Committee topic page

9:11 am on Monday September 22, 2008

S.C. Climate action report starts its bureaucratic journey

Image by Flickr user akegImage by 20080922climatereport.jpg The state committee took a close look at the state to see how we can best save the environment without trashing our wallets. Some big (and not-so-big) ideas about how to make the Palmetto...
12:26 pm on Wednesday August 6, 2008

State panel issues climate change report

Image by Flickr user mrk_photoImage by 20080806pollution.jpg How can we deal with the threat of climate change in South Carolina? Well, one advisory group has a few ideas. 51 of them, actually. The South Carolina Climate, Energy & Commerce...
8:12 pm on Sunday July 6, 2008

State energy plan coming soon

Image by NASAImage by 20080707energyplan.jpg If the bureaucracies can put the comprehensive energy plan into practice, it could be more shocking than this neutron star flare. A set of 51 recommendations to reduce South Carolina's greenhouse gas...