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4:31 am on Tuesday September 28, 2010

Sanford on port park space: Once it's gone, it's gone (w/video)

Gov. Mark Sanford met with the Port Royal Town Council and residents on Monday to discuss the future of the Port of Port Royal and, more specifically, whether the full 10 acres set aside in the port plan for park space should be honored. Seems while...
4:23 am on Tuesday November 24, 2009

What's going on with Sanford? Call him and find out

Image by Flickr user StephenMitchellImage by 20091124-phone.jpg After receiving several months of the silent treatment from Sanford's camp, FITSNews is ready for some straight talk -- literally. They surely aren't encouraging anyone to call the...
2:06 pm on Thursday July 3, 2008

Sanford trip fueling VP speculation

Image by SCGovernor.comImage by 20080616sanford.jpg Gov. Sanford, out of the woods and into the White House? Maybe yet. The notion of Sanford as McCain's VP was all but dead, then it wasn't, and now it's back on. Our governor will be attending John...
6:53 pm on Wednesday June 25, 2008

Legislature overrides vetoes; new laws on their way

Image by flickr user ionushiImage by 20080626signed.jpg A signature from the governor is the easiest way to make a law, but the Legislature can make one anyways. The S.C. Legislature overrode 15 of 20 vetoes. Fire sprinkler savings, more guns on the...
9:48 am on Wednesday June 25, 2008

Legislature debating vetoes, new bills

The Legislature has reconvened to look at possibly overriding 20 of Governor Mark Sanford's vetoes, they will also consider 10 bills still in committees. The Legislature has three days to debate the issues. Keep up with our veto-related coverage on...
8:27 am on Thursday June 19, 2008

Legislature to debate vetoes

The S.C. Legislature will reconvene today (Wednesday, June 25) to debate overturning Governor Mark Sanford's vetoes, like the sprinkler bill veto, notification of students with HIV, and 18 other vetoes.
6:26 pm on Monday June 16, 2008

Gov. Sanford may yet be VP nominee

Image by SCGovernor.comImage by 20080616sanford.jpg Gov. Sanford, out of the woods and into the White House? Maybe yet. Despite rumors to the contrary, Gov. Mark Sanford might still have a chance of being McCain's running mate. Or at least one...
9:26 am on Thursday May 22, 2008

Gov. Sanford not on McCain's V.P. short list

Image by via WikipediaImage by 20080522vicepresident.jpg At a gathering this weekend, Republican presidential candidate John McCain is set to meet with at least three candidates for his party's vice presidential slot. Gov. Mark Sanford, once thought...
10:35 am on Monday March 31, 2008

Sanford: S.C. will not comply with REAL ID

Governor Sanford has announced that the state will not file an extension to comply with new federal REAL ID standards aimed at making the United States more secure. This means that, come mid-May, state residents could be subject to additional...