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3:19 pm on Friday June 21, 2013

Property taxes, trash fees to increase as Beaufort fights contracting funds

A forecast downturn in property values has the City of Beaufort needing to trim an estimated $600,000 to $700,000. A property tax hike of 4.32% will cover about a quarter, and a $2.70 increase in trash rates will cover a quarter, and a quarter in...
7:22 am on Wednesday June 12, 2013

City of Beaufort's search for shortfall tax revenue gets no love from public

The city is continuing to look for creative measures to make up an anticipated $600,000 to $700,000 shortfall in next year's budget, but a plan to add a small tax to non-profit, school, hospital, or church-owned land drew strong public opposition.
9:40 am on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Budget gap: Discussing a local option sales tax, other possible city fees

An expected drop Beaufort County property tax revenues continues to propel conversation on how the City of Beaufort could raise taxes or fees to make up between $350,000 and $500,000.  Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling offered the below words on a...
2:13 pm on Thursday March 21, 2013

City of Beaufort looks to new fees in closing revenue gap

The City of Beaufort is looking for creative ways from vehicle registration fees, a local option penny sales tax, to new business fees in helping close an estimated $350,000 and $500,000 revenue gap after the next property reassessment.
5:11 am on Tuesday March 19, 2013

More information on a possible City of Beaufort tax hike

Last week word came that falling Beaufort County property tax revenues may cause the City of Beaufort to raise taxes on businesses or property owners to make up between $350,000 and $500,000.  Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling offered the below words...
4:56 am on Wednesday March 13, 2013

City of Beaufort may raise taxes if property values drop

Sometimes lower property values aren't a good thing: Beaufort County property tax revenues are expected to fall during the next property reassessment, and the City of Beaufort expects it will have to raise the city's taxes to make up between $350,...
1:54 am on Saturday February 18, 2012

Beaufort County plans: A $4 million property reassessment loss foretold

Flickr user Images_of_Money During the Beaufort County Council retreat on Thursday, it was discussed that the 2014 reassessment could cause an all too familiar topic to return: budget shrinkage. Namely a revenue dip for the county--$4 million less...
6:00 am on Thursday February 11, 2010

Senate votes fall short on property tax bill

After gaining some momentum, the plan to stimulate commercial real estate sales in the state of South Carolina with property tax breaks hit a major snare yesterday when it fell short of receiving enough votes for approval by the Senate. Read about...
4:16 pm on Tuesday February 9, 2010

Bill to lower cost of commercial property sales once again moving

Presently when a commercial or second-home property home is sold there can be a sizable tax hike as the property becomes reassessed at its full value -- a situation that was created in 2006 when South Carolina's Legislature moved to insulate primary...
7:43 am on Tuesday December 22, 2009

Three years later, property tax fix being cited as a problem

Image by Flickr user D'Arcy NormanBack in 2006, to quell complaints of skyrocketing home taxes, property reassessments were capped at 15% increases. Catch was, if you just bought a home or changed your property significantly, you'd get stuck with...