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3:36 am on Thursday December 29, 2011

Beaufort school district sued over alleged discrimination

Francina Shack says the Beaufort County School District has unduly discriminated against her because of her age and race after she was passed up for a principal position a half-dozen times, each time for a white and younger candidate.  The school...
3:03 pm on Friday November 4, 2011

Charleston County principals work to improve grad rates

By 2016 leaders want area graduation rates to be at 81% — no small task.
4:18 pm on Tuesday December 16, 2008

Two local principals called state's best

Wando High School's Lucy Beckham has been named the state's best high school principal and Newington Elementary School's Cammy Groome has been named the state's best elementary school principal by the South Carolina Association of School...