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12:52 pm on Tuesday May 29, 2012

Charlestowne Hotels Announces Summer Specials for US Military

Charlestowne Hotels 28 Bridgeside Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 873.972.1400 CharlestowneHotels.com   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 29, 2012     CHARLESTOWNE HOTELS OFFERS SUMMER SPECIALS TO U.S. MILITARY CHARLESTON, SC – In appreciation for their...
9:45 am on Tuesday May 29, 2012

Carolina Youth Development Center Receives $175,000 Grant

(North Charleston, South Carolina) -- Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) has been awarded a PropelNext grant of $175,000 over 18 months from the Edna McConnell ClarkFoundation, and will also receive expert strategic consulting assistance to...
2:01 am on Sunday June 5, 2011

Charles "Lind" Brown pool officially opens June 4 (update: open!)

Flickr user Powerhouse Museum Update June 5: Just a reminder to all of "swimming" in the Lowcountry humidity that you can go swimming for real now. First reporting: The Beaufort County Parks and Leisure Services will open on June 4 what used to be...
2:19 am on Thursday December 2, 2010

Feeling neglected, Johns Island residents protest at City of Charleston

Image by City of Charleston The City of Charleston covers a good bit of the northeast tip of Johns Island. Tim Mallard's district 11 is shown in orange, other parts of Charleston are shown in grey.A group of Johns Island residents recently made the...
7:03 am on Tuesday May 18, 2010

Half of Charleston's pool is closed?

Image by Flickr user Ruth Flickr If you've been curious as to why half of Charleston's Martin Luther King Jr. Pool is closed, you can thank an emphasis of swimming safety and under-optimized public regulation.  David Quick has the bureaucratic low...
6:46 am on Thursday August 20, 2009

Local 9-Ball team competing in National Poolplayers Championship

Image by Flickr user vipaImage by 20090820-pool.jpg 'Doing the Charleston,' the local 9-Ball team, is headed to Vegas for the American Poolplayers Association National Team Championships. To learn more about the pool scene in Charleston and the team...
5:10 am on Thursday March 26, 2009

The story of a 7-year-old who saved his kid brother

Last month, a 7-year-old jumped in the family pool to save his 17-month-old brother who was floating face down. Today, The Post and Courier has interviewed the Moncks Corner family and retells the story of how the even played out. Go take a read.
7:27 am on Sunday December 7, 2008

Investigator: Drowning death was likely an accident

A police investigator saide he considers the drowning death of 10-year-old Jon Jon Jackson to be an accident, but that 22-year-old Saquan Meekins might still have some responsibilty for adequatley preparing the autistic child to swim. Jon Jon...
4:53 pm on Saturday October 18, 2008

Robbery outside downtown pool unnerves community

Image by Flickr user jiashiangImage by 20081018pool.jpg The water's nice, but the parking lot might not be. A 16-year-old James Island girl was robbed around 6 a.m. when she arrived early for swim practice at the Charleston public pool downtown. [...
8:17 pm on Wednesday June 4, 2008

Boy dies after first swim

Image by flickr user somma1977Image by 20080604pool.jpg Not the pool in question, but every day (on average) there are 10 drowning deaths. It's called dry downing and it's what killed 10-year-old Johnny Jackson. On Sunday, he and his sister had...