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1:00 pm on Thursday January 20, 2011

25% vacancy rate sags on Citadel Mall (update: more stores move out)

Image by Flickr user r_bowley Update January 20: The Post and Courier reports today that Citadel Mall's music and video store F.Y.E. and Books for Less are vacating their sports at the end of the month and Hollister cleared out in the second week...
1:29 pm on Wednesday November 24, 2010

North Charleston getting a new theater: Northwoods Stadium Cinemas (update: open!)

Image by Flickr user Anders Adermark Get ready for some popcorn eating fun.Update November 24: The new theater is open today. You can get directions and showtimes on its website, and The Post and Courier has a written preview of the revamped theater...
5:41 am on Tuesday November 16, 2010

Man allegedly snatches two diamond rings from Northwoods Mall store

Image by Flickr user Mamooli greets the autumn Not one of the rings in question, but you get the idea. Great American Jewelry in the Northwoods Mall is down two diamond rings after a man allegedly snatched them from a clerk's hand. Head on over to...
8:30 am on Monday October 12, 2009

Music CD sale gone bad leads to naked man with a knife in Northwoods Mall

Image by Flickr user Cesar Pics Image by 20091012-crazy.jpg No word on what the CD in question was, but it doesn't take a genius to guess. It really seems like there has to be something else to this story, like why the man decided to get naked in...