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10:45 pm on Monday December 12, 2011

North Charleston card game leads to arrest of 8

Eight were arrested in North Charleston after they were spotted playing poke on the front yard of a home where they were not welcome — one of the men, a fellon, was found in possesion of a hangun and another man with a counterfiet bill.
4:56 am on Wednesday October 20, 2010

The case for a poker game heard by S.C. Supreme Court (update: twist)

Image by Flickr user Kevin Labianco First reporting, updates at the bottom: It's been years and years since the Mount Pleasant Five set off a pivotal battle in South Carolina about whether Texas Hold 'Em poker is a game of skill or chance. Well that...
4:47 am on Tuesday March 10, 2009

Poker charges sticking to Mount Pleasant Five

The group of poker players found guilty of breaking the state's gambling laws tried to get similar charges dismissed, but the judge wasn't receptive to their argument. Read more stories on this subject in our poker topic page.Go get the story at...