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4:27 am on Saturday November 6, 2010

Homegrow pot operations and burglar alarms aren't a smart combo

Image by Flickr user boodooA Summerville man learned that combining a police-notifying burglar alarm and eight pot plants aren't a good combo.  20-something Kevin Ramon Smith is accused of growing marijuana plants in his home after an alarm drew...
12:24 pm on Monday August 2, 2010

75 pot plants, guns and pills found in West Ashley homes

Image by Flickr user jasonawhite Three men residing in West Ashley were arrested this Saturday after Charleston police found 75 marijuana plants, two Ecstasy pills, equipment for growing marijuana, a shotgun, a handgun and two rifles at 24...
4:38 am on Saturday June 12, 2010

Firefighters spot marijuana plants while putting out King Street fire

Image by Flickr user adrien/salvi When you've already had to call the fire department to put out your couch fire and the firefighters call the cops after spotting your 21 marijuana plants, it's a bad day gone worse. Check out the story at The Post...
1:00 pm on Monday January 11, 2010

Police seize over $300,000 worth of marijuana from Ridgeville growhouse

Image by Flickr user jasonawhite On January 5th , the Dorchester/County Summerville Police arrested four men who were growing over 100 marijuana plants worth an estimated value of $300,000.