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4:06 am on Thursday September 15, 2011

Bequest to Lowcountry Open Land Trust results in new Charleston County park

Image by Margaret BlackmerThe enduring wish of one of Charleston’s great preservationists – the late Emily Ravenel Farrow – became a reality on September 14th as the 44-acre Ashem Farm was introduced as one of the county’s next public park spaces...
8:33 am on Wednesday July 21, 2010

Sullivan's home owners fed up with preserved land (update: lawsuit)

Image by Flickr user Gonfunko Update July 21: They've had it up to, well, five feet and the residents are suing the town over the shrubbery.  Read about and watch the story over on Live 5 News. FIrst reporting: It never ceases to amaze me how so...
4:35 am on Tuesday January 26, 2010

Charleston-based nonprofit protects over 80,000 acres of Lowcountry landscape

Image by Flickr user ReelladyThe Charleston-based nonprofit Lowcountry Open Land Trust hit their biggest milestone to date in 2009 when they passing the 80,000 acre mark of lands protected under conservation easement. Their efforts have set aside...
2:57 am on Wednesday November 11, 2009

Too many turn out for Sullivan's land preservation meeting

So many folks showed up for a meeting about what to do with 90 acres of preserved beachfront growth, that Sullivan's Island's Town Council had to reschedule the meeting for another time. The Post and Courier has the brief about how many turned out.
6:34 pm on Sunday October 12, 2008

2,500 more acres to be protected by Land Trust

Image by Flickr user jeffersondavisImage by 20081012forest.jpg All-in-all some 15,000 acres came under protection from development last week, the latest chunk of 2,500 acres also fell in Dorchester County. According to a press release: The...
12:51 pm on Monday August 4, 2008

12,488 acres of South Carolina forest donated to land trust

Image by Lowcountry Open Land TrustImage by 20080804brosnanforest.jpg Brosnan Forest is thick and massive. More photos are available online. Much of Brosnan Forest is going into permanent protection after Norfolk Southern donated it to the...