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9:46 am on Thursday February 27, 2014

Federal proposal could have impact on SC roads

An announcement by President Obama Wednesday could mean good things for South Carolina road repair and construction projects, but there's a catch...
2:37 am on Monday February 6, 2012

Micro-loan program from Black Chamber stalled

The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce had hoped to use a $375,000 federal grant to dish out small loans of $1,500 to $25,000 to jump start local business, but the seed money has been inexplicably stalled.
5:45 am on Monday July 18, 2011

South Carolina to offer new small business loans

Flickr user jferzoco Monetary relief may be coming soon to current and future small business owners in the state of South Carolina.  The State Small Business Credit Initiative is freeing up $18 million dollars of federal money to nudge banks into...
3:43 am on Tuesday November 30, 2010

Cynthia Rowley and Nest combine forces for a holiday pop-up shop

Image by Image providedNest is teaming up with Cynthia Rowley to celebrate the holidays in style with a pop-up shop at the designer's 341 King Street location on Friday, December 10th from 5 to 8 p.m. The launch event will take place during the ‘...
3:26 am on Monday February 22, 2010

How will South Carolina repay its $800 million federal debt?

Image by Flickr user thinkpanama Money: a little something the state doesn't have nearly enough of.The state of South Carolina has borrowed over $800 million from the federal government since 2008 and is currently struggling to find a viable way to...
4:00 pm on Wednesday December 9, 2009

The state of small business loans in Charleston

Image by Flickr user alexanderamatosi The lending crunch continues to hang around the nation's neck, so it's nice to see that The Charleston Regional Business Journal has put together a not-too-short piece on the state of lending in the Charleston...
9:45 am on Monday July 20, 2009

Are South Carolina's leaders making it hard to access stimulus money?

Image by 20090720-stimulu.jpg The Indigo Journal writes that something seems to be amiss with South Carolina's implementation of stimulus initiatives. In part: I spoke with a business owner in Charleston today who has been trying to arrange for an...