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6:52 am on Thursday June 5, 2014

Texting while driving ban heads to Haley to become law

South Carolina's General Assembly has passed a ban on texting while driving, now it only needs Gov. Nikki Haley's signature.
8:23 am on Thursday February 6, 2014

SC House approves moped driving bill, sends to Senate

Some big changes could affect how and where you can drive a moped in South Carolina if a new bill becomes law. The bill has already passed the State House of Representatives and is now in the hands of the Senate. The bill would prohibit drivers from...
8:36 am on Tuesday May 28, 2013

Stricter DUI limit proposal met with debate

South Carolina's high rate of traffic fatalities involving drunk drivers isn't securing an easier victory for stricter laws.
1:03 pm on Wednesday February 13, 2013

Sandra Day O'Conner to speak in Charleston this spring

Former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner will speak at a Charleston School of Law Symposium at the Charleston Music Hall on Monday, April 15. The symposium, entitled, "In Search of A 'Grand Unified Theory': Thirty Years with...
9:06 am on Wednesday February 13, 2013

Sandra Day O'Conner to speak in Charleston this spring

Image by Flickr user The Aspen Institute Former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner will speak at a Charleston School of Law Symposium at the Charleston Music Hall on Monday, April 15. The symposium, entitled, "In Search of A '...
4:05 am on Wednesday August 29, 2012

SC Voter ID challenge in federal court (not going so good so far)

Photo by flicker user Kheel Center, Cornell University ‘Amen, Ed, thank you for your support.’ Proponents to Voter ID laws state that the laws aren't to disenfranchised or make it harder to vote for one particular group of people, particularly the...
6:03 pm on Friday June 29, 2012

S.C. stops the terror of municipal WiFi, saves corporations bottom line

Flickr User: pacunar Big business wins in South Carolina. On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 law-makers passed a bill that would make it nearly impossible for towns to give its citizens taxpayer-funded public wifi. The powers behind this legislation is ...
6:27 am on Monday June 11, 2012

Planting some nice flowers for summer? Better call the State first.

Flickr User: woodleywonderworks Tommy didn't now the rules and is now facing 10 years in prison and over 9000 fines, all because he wanted a garden in his back yard in South Carolina... Safety first, so they say. There is a new South Carolina law...
7:16 am on Sunday January 29, 2012

Report locks the gate for traffic cameras to catch speeders in S.C.

Flickr user Elvis Pepin It looks like South Carolina's roads are set to stay free of speed-ticket cameras. As required by the mid-2011 law that largely banned traffic cameras in South Carolina and dismantled Ridgeland's public-private traffic...