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10:05 am on Monday July 25, 2011

The Post and Courier's Ken Burger announces his retirement

Image by Ken BurgerAfter 40 years in the newsroom and countless experiences under his belt, The Post and Courier's Ken Burger is retiring. In his last column with the paper, Burger takes a walk down memory lane from his first days in the hustle and...
4:03 am on Wednesday September 29, 2010

Lampooning Ken Burger's F&B column one last time (update: one more time)

Image by Flickr user Markus Rödder Update September 29: Look, I realize you're probably as tired of this one as I am, but another City Paper writer has penned a column, and this is probably the best I've see so far. So this topic is showing up in...
10:18 am on Sunday January 4, 2009

The Post and Courier's Ken Burger writes about the writing life

Ken Burger is a man on the move. He's got a new book out. He's writing a new column. And he's reflecting on his chosen profession. In a touching and insightful article, Burger weighs in on the challenges and rewards of a life in the newspaper...