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12:48 am on Monday October 19, 2009

Is S.C.'s Lindsey Graham the new dealmaker? The new John McCain?

An interesting (and lengthy) piece of analysis from The Hill that the Upstate U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is rapidly becoming the new John McCain of Washington politics. A taste:  Sen. Lindsey Graham, a longtime friend and ally of Sen. John McCain,...
8:35 am on Monday September 14, 2009

Lindsey Graham, McCain to hold town hall meeting at Citadel (updated)

Image by Lindsey GrahamImage by 20090910-lindsey.jpg Update September 14: The Post and Courier has a brief write-up from today's relatively calm meeting. Twitter user TeresaKopec has a number of good tweets from the meeting. First reporting:...
6:02 pm on Monday October 20, 2008

Students 'electing' to Obama purchases over McCain

Image by Flickr user zenobia_joyImage by 20081020obama.jpg Obama is leading McCain in the College of Charleston Book Store purchase-off 24 to 9 in action figures, and 68 to 38 in bumper stickers. Allow me to spin it for you: Obama is so popular that...
6:02 am on Friday October 17, 2008

Lowcoutry students assess the debate

A group of Lowcountry students held an argumentative discussion regarding the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain from Wednesday night, October 15. The Post and Courier assembled this group of teens, who are well versed in the...
3:57 pm on Thursday October 9, 2008

State's surge in voter registration could impact in November

Image by Flickr user SanFranAnnieImage by 20081009vote.jpg Preliminary counts by the state election commission show an increase of some 240,000 registered voters during 2008, a number 40,000 more than the 2004 increase. With minorities and young...
1:24 pm on Tuesday October 7, 2008

Sanford-Ayers speculation draws prompt response from governor

Image by 20081007email.jpg Read the full e-mail at Daily Kos. In a sure sign that tonight's debate (and I use the term loosely) should be interesting, S.C. Governor Mark Sanford held a press conference to stifle the speculative connection between...
5:35 am on Saturday August 30, 2008

Too early to tell for most locals on McCain's VP pick

Sure, there's been a lot of back and forth about Sarah Palin on the national stage, but how do locals feel about the choice? Live 5 News decided to find out. And? People just don't know yet, an excerpt: But most seemed hesitant to form an opinion on...
10:46 am on Thursday August 21, 2008

Sanford: I'm not McCain's running mate

At a press conference Governor Mark Sanford firmly stated he won't be VP. Well, there you have it. Can we move on now?
2:35 am on Sunday August 17, 2008

Get presidential: Your Charleston guide to the 2008 election

Image by Flickr user ldcrossImage by 20080816election.jpg Get involved and support your cause. Update November 3: Check out our election page. This is what we aim to be the guide to Charleston-area events and news on the 2008 presidential election....
4:25 am on Sunday August 3, 2008

More speculation on Graham as VP

Image by Flickr user LukeGordon1Image by 20080802graham.jpg Graham is hanging out with the wrong crowd in New Hampshire if he wants to be McCain's vice president. Maybe Obama should consider him for VP ... But, regardless, look at him sporting that...