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4:03 am on Wednesday September 29, 2010

Lampooning Ken Burger's F&B column one last time (update: one more time)

Image by Flickr user Markus Rödder Update September 29: Look, I realize you're probably as tired of this one as I am, but another City Paper writer has penned a column, and this is probably the best I've see so far. So this topic is showing up in...
9:02 am on Wednesday January 7, 2009

Readers poke plenty of holes in an argument for Christian license plates

I had avoided putting up a link to Charleston City Paper's columnist Jack Hunter because I didn't think very highly of it. It's dubbed "Refusing to allow 'I Believe' plates is an exercise in bad manners." And the logic just isn't very sound, and, at...
6:55 am on Tuesday July 8, 2008

Southern Avenger takes on public drinking crackdown

Jack Hunter, a conservative columnist for Charleston City Paper, lambasts the city's recent decision to ban drinking in the parking lot during the Dave Matthews Band show at the Joe in his morning radio show on WTMA. You can view the YouTube clip,...