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8:54 am on Tuesday February 11, 2014

SC lawmakers considering new fee for hybrid and electric vehicles

 The money to build and maintain roads comes almost entirely from the gas tax, and since hybrids and electric vehicles use so much less gas, their drivers pay much less in gas taxes than other drivers. "They're not paying their share," says Bill...
3:15 am on Wednesday March 3, 2010

Low-emission hybrid school bus will join Charleston's fleet

Image by Flickr user gareth_lofthouse Four new low-emission, hybrid buses will be added to the state-owned fleet this year, and one of them is set to serve Charleston's Chicora School of Communications, Morningside Middle and North Charleston High.
2:30 pm on Friday December 5, 2008

Savannah getting nation's first hybrid railcar

Image by The Creative Coast AllianceImage by 20081205-railcar.jpg Child of Georgia legislation from 2004 and dubbed "A Prius on steroids," the first hybrid streetcar in North America is coming to Savannah. The vehicle will be powered by B20...
11:45 am on Wednesday June 18, 2008

Green taxis come to Charleston

If you're in need of a lift and want an eco-friendly one, know that a new taxi service is in town, one that uses hybrid cars. gogreen charleston tipped us off to it, and Charleston Green Taxi elaborated in the blog's comment section: We currently...