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11:36 pm on Monday April 7, 2014

100,000 in S.C. register for Obamacare

That estimate was current throught March 31, and more are expected by May 1.
4:45 am on Saturday February 19, 2011

S.C.'s four freshman congress man don't say 'No' to their federal health insurance

Image by Flickr user a.drian Sure, this story is mostly part of the political dance, but it's an interesting footnote. 
4:51 am on Friday August 20, 2010

Reassurance from your Insurance: Workplace Benefits

Reese McFaddin wants to bring health insurance from her home, to yours. McFaddin is the owner and operator of Workplace Benefits, a consulting firm based out of Daniel Island.  “I try to make insurance have a personality, and to make insurance...
10:03 am on Friday April 30, 2010

Sanford: S.C. won't join federal high risk health insurance pool

Speaking in Mt. Pleasant, Governor Mark Sanford said that South Carolina will be one of the states not joining the federal high risk pool of those that have been turned down by insurance companies. Instead, our state will stick with its existing...
6:14 am on Sunday October 25, 2009

Hope high that 'gym on steroids' may spur healthier lifestyles

There's nothing new about the underlying concept: Get folks to eat healthier and go to doctors early so the little things are fixed before they become big things.  Still a new "integrated medical center" in Lake City is causing a few waves....
2:39 am on Saturday October 3, 2009

Depressing facts and figures on S.C.'s health insurance

Image by 20091002-health.jpg I know, with a headline like that, how could you not be eager to click over? Read more stories on this subject in our health insurance topic has been out there for some time but, still, it's a good...
3:51 pm on Thursday September 24, 2009

Among workers, nearly 1-in-5 uninsured in Charleston

Image by Flickr user rocknroll_guitar Image by 20090924-pills.jpg Recently released Census data indicates that nearly one-in-four South Carolinians between the ages of 18 and 65 is uninsured, and nearly one-in-five Charleston Country.
3:40 am on Wednesday September 23, 2009

Health insurance in the Lowcountry reveals stark contrasts in society

Read more stories on this subject in our health insurance topic page.The Post and Courier reports that North Charleston ranks 481st in the nation with 25.1 percent of its 84,902 residents living without health insurance. Jump across the Cooper...
4:19 am on Tuesday August 4, 2009

Experts estimate more than 1 million S.C. residents are without health insurance

Image by Flickr user takomabibelotImage by 20090804-health.jpg According to U.S. Census estimates, over 1 million South Carolina residents are without health insurance - that's one in every four people. Data recorded in 2006 and released yesterday...
6:28 am on Wednesday March 11, 2009

340 South Carolinians losing health insurance each day

In South Carolina, nearly 340 folks a day were losing health insurance in December and January, according to a study by the Center for American Progress. If you want to know more, I'd suggest checking out The Indigo Journal's brief first. If you go...