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9:11 am on Thursday June 5, 2014

Real gun found in toy aisle of Myrtle Beach Target

via WMBF News: A real gun was found in the toy aisle of Target on Seaboard Street. The police report states a loss prevention worker stumbled upon the gun Friday night.  The gun was in plain view on top of a superhero Playskool toy box when the...
8:54 am on Tuesday May 7, 2013

SC lawmakers target Connecticut gun manufacturers

Connecticut's loss could be Horry County's gain. A gun manufacturer may be moving to the Grand Strand. Bristol, Connecticut-based PTR Industries is looking to relocate.
8:02 am on Friday April 5, 2013

Gun stollen from Georgia sheriff's department linked in Burton shooting

On Sunday, Darryl McArthur Greene was found fatally shot in Burton and a gun near has body has been identified as stolen from a Georgia law enforcement employee.
6:01 am on Friday December 28, 2012

State Senator drafts legislation to exempt S.C. guns from federal rules

The "South Carolina Firearms Freedom Act" would try to exempt any gun or related item that is made in and sold in South Carolina from federal regulation. It has been prefied by Spartanburg Senator Bright.
8:27 am on Friday December 21, 2012

Local photos from Worldwide WALK 27 for Sandy Hook Elementary

This morning, a group of locals got together for a moment of silence and a walk across the Woods Memorial Bridge in memory of the 27 victims (26 from the school & 1 from Newtown) of the school shooting in Connecticut. Kelli Lambert Bonieki...
5:25 am on Friday June 15, 2012

Ted Vick Round Up: 7th District Candidate's DUI & Gun charge (Update: Dash Cam)

Update June 15th: The Ted Vick Dash cam video has dropped.  You can check it out above, but it's nothing really juicy or scandulous (besides the alleged drunk driving, gun charge and former USC CoEd being in the car). Head over to CarolinaLive for...
11:34 am on Saturday March 24, 2012

Seabrook man arrested after Gray's Hill shooting

Jerry Maurice Wright Jerry Maurice Wright, 21, was arrested just after 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 22, after a shooting at 16 Paradise Lane in Burton [map below] that left one man injured. Beaufort County sheriff's deputies responded to the reported...
10:45 pm on Monday December 12, 2011

North Charleston card game leads to arrest of 8

Eight were arrested in North Charleston after they were spotted playing poke on the front yard of a home where they were not welcome — one of the men, a fellon, was found in possesion of a hangun and another man with a counterfiet bill.
8:04 am on Wednesday March 2, 2011

Out-of-town abortionist in hot water after flashing firearm at pro-life protest (update: trail to proceed)

Update March 2: Five months after the incident, a judge has ruled that the trial may proceed. No word on the court date though - read about the latest at The Post and Courier. Update February 1: The Post and Courier reports that, once again, Boyle's...
9:45 am on Friday July 23, 2010

Two off-duty Goose Creek cops tase teen at bowling alley

Image by Flickr user Kevin H. Underaged kid gets carded for drinking beer at the Goose Creek Royal Z Bowling Alley. Teen runs off where two off duty cops track him down, taser him, and find a loaded .32 revolver. Check out the story and video at...