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8:44 am on Thursday November 28, 2013

Can a moderate political party be born in S.C.?

Thanks in part to the government shutdown, Jim Rex and Oscar Lovelace just may be able to pull off the new centrist "American Party" in the GOP's strong state of South Carolina.
8:25 pm on Wednesday November 13, 2013

SC man will get paid for cleaning DC memorials during shut down

A South Carolina man who traveled to DC during the partial government shut down and voluntarily cleaned up memorials will now get paid for his work. Chris Cox, from Mount Pleasant, headed up to the Capitol with a leafblower and push mower early last...
12:05 pm on Wednesday October 30, 2013

Winthrop Poll: More in S.C. blame Republicans over shutdown

South Carolinians are placing fault for the 16-day federal government shutdown at the feet of Republicans, according to a poll by Winthrop University. 
11:31 am on Tuesday October 29, 2013

Latest Winthrop Poll to survey S.C. on pot, shutdown, more

The latest poll by Winthrop University's department of political science should be catnip for reporters and political observers in South Carolina.  Results of The Winthrop Poll, which is still being conducted, are set for public relea...
6:43 am on Friday October 18, 2013

How and why S.C.'s delegation voted on the shutdown

Congress' bill to end the 16-day government shutdown was only signed by two of South Carolina's eight elected representatives, here are why they said yes or no.
2:07 am on Thursday October 10, 2013

Lowcountry man cuts Lincoln Memorial lawn; Earlier: Takes shoes off with chainsaw

By now we think you've heard the name of Chris Cox, a Mount Pleasant man who was peeved to see the National Mall fall into landscape disrepair during the shutdown and took to cutting and cleaning the lawn around the Lincoln Memorial — all while...
11:40 am on Tuesday October 8, 2013

A spotlight for Mark Sanford in the government shutdown

Despite the 1st Congressional District's heavy dependence on federal funds and jobs, Rep. Mark Sanford is holding the line on withholding a government budget to force policy change.
10:50 pm on Monday October 7, 2013

Workers returning at air station, Parris Island as shutdown continues

A legal interpretation of legislation passed to support active duty military during the government shutdown is letting nearly 2300 furloughed employees at Parris Island head back to work, and some 400 at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.
8:44 am on Tuesday October 1, 2013

Sanford says why he voted to support lead up to government shutdown

The former governor, now Rep. Mark Sanford voted three times within the last week to delay Obamacare.
4:56 am on Tuesday October 1, 2013

The federal shutdown's impact on Charleston

From federal parks, to courts, to Department of Defense employees, to schools, airports, and more, not all federally funded institutions in the Charleston area will be effected the same by the shutdown — just don't try to catch a boat tour to Fort...