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8:27 am on Monday April 11, 2011

Charleston getting $98 million wind turbine research site (update: what's to come)

Image by Rebecca Dalhouse/Clemson UniversityUpdate April 11: Wind-turbine testing center has attracted interest from various energy companies, leading to plans to create a five-building campus. Over the next two years, $175 million will be invested...
9:44 am on Thursday December 23, 2010

Sky falls for North Charleston: Navy Yard foreclosure land is play to get rail along river (updated)

Image by Google MapsRemember the fear that foreclosure of 240 acres of land on the former Navy Base in North Charleston was a play to get rail along the city's prized riverfront? Well that is the case.  State Commerce Department officials have...
4:05 am on Wednesday December 8, 2010

Former North Charleston Navy Base land in hands of new owner, questions on role of rail (updated)

Image by Google MapsFirst reporting December 7, updates at the bottom. Following the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings, 240 acres of land on the former Navy Base in North Charleston have been transferred from the Noisette Co. to mystery company ...
1:02 am on Tuesday March 16, 2010

Inside the old Navy Yard

Image by Adam Boozer A shot in an old building near the old Navy Base in North Charleston. You can see more of them over here.
5:56 am on Tuesday March 2, 2010

Closure of Charleston Navy base unshackled economic growth

Image by U.S. Navy Destroyers at the Charleston Navy Yard in 1942. It's a bit like moving out of your parents house: You lose the steady but slow-growing allowance money with the prospect of making much less or much more money in the real world....
1:00 am on Saturday February 27, 2010

Army Wives Facade

Image by Joseph Nienstedt In quite literal direct opposition to yesterday's photo is this shot of the front of the building. But don't get excited thinking the building's been restored, this fix-up is just a facade for a movie.
12:51 am on Friday February 26, 2010

Old Porch On An Old House On The Old Naval Base

Image by Joseph Nienstedt You'd think this shot was of an old southern home in a rural South Carolina forest. Far from it, it's old Admirals' House at the old Naval Base in North Charleston. More surprising is that it has a water view.
3:04 am on Thursday January 14, 2010

Governor says no, but $7M in state funding will make it to Charleston wind research site

Image by Flickr user Martin Pettitt Gov. Mark Sanford opposed the notion that government and not private dollars were being spent to fuel a wind research site at the Clemson Restoration Institute in North Charleston, still the funding made it past...
3:03 am on Sunday January 10, 2010

In a down economy, appeal of dangerous underwater work rises

Image by Flickr user U.S. Army The jobs requires expensive training and requires you to dive into often dark and dangerous environments using incredibly hot welding tools. But there are jobs, and well-paying ones at that. The Post and Courier's Bo...
4:16 am on Friday December 4, 2009

Heat building on battle to realign port access road, again

Image by State Ports AuthorityIt was no easy task to pick the path for a new port access road to channel a massive number of trucks that would one day come to a port terminal under construction on the old Navy base. But two years after a route was...