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3:39 am on Thursday August 2, 2012

Military's decision still pending for man accused in fatal Port Royal fire truck theft

Kalvin Hunt faces local charges for his alleged theft of driving of a Port Royal fire truck on February 24 that killed one man and left a small sea of chaos along Ribaut Road. However those charges against the 26 year old are piled atop the military...
8:43 am on Tuesday April 10, 2012

St. John's Fire Department to Hold Community Day at Freshfields Village

Fire safety is much more than “stop, drop and roll,” and firefighters from the St. Johns Fire Department will be at Freshfields Village Saturday, April 14 as the St. John’s Fire Department Community Day educates the public on fire safety. Children...
11:21 am on Friday March 16, 2012

Pedestrian dead after naked man steals fire truck in Port Royal (Update: Video blocked)

WSAV Update: Get the latest on our topic page. A fire call at 4 p.m. in Port Royal is pretty routine -- but a nude man jumping into the fire truck while on scene and barrelling down Ribaut Road, hitting several cars, and killing a pedestrian is...
8:04 am on Friday October 7, 2011

Fire Prevention Week at the Children's Museum

Image by Courtesy of the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry Antique Fire Truck at the Children's MuseumStop, drop and roll right over to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry (CML) for Fire Prevention Week.  Firefighters from local City of...
7:54 am on Saturday October 1, 2011

City of Beaufort: Drop the lawsuit over the fire engine deal

FlickruserRuffLife In August the Okatie-based Palmetto Fire Apparatus filed a lawsuit against the City of Beaufort after it turned away from a deal to sell one of its old fire endignes.  (Sharp readers will recall that the city switched to new,...
7:00 am on Saturday May 7, 2011

Beaufort's new fire trucks hailed for a 6-figure savings

Image provided by Beaufort County Fire Department The Beaufort County fire department saved a reported $765,000 last year by implementing into their response systems a new fleet of smaller-sized, "all purpose" vehicles. Those vehicles cost $675,000...