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5:55 am on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant offers some of the best in the area

If you've not yet read up on Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant, the spot that opened in the old Raul's Mexican Grill in North Charleston has been earning a lot of praise. General vibe on this spot is: not as good as what you might find in California, but...
8:20 am on Saturday December 25, 2010

North Charleston Jamaican restaurant set to open on the Riverfront Park (update: open, review)

Image by The Runaway Bay RestaurantUpdate December 25, early review: The Charleston City Paper dropped by the recently opened spot.  The general vibe is that the restaurant is good but not yet flushed out enough to judge; take a read of the review...
5:57 am on Wednesday November 24, 2010

Caliente's 'Lowcountry Mexican' cuisine on Johns Island gets a thumbs up

Image by Caliente Caliente's Senor Bubba Picante.If you're someone who drives down Savannah Highway way out where all those dang left turners to Johns Island back up the road, you may have also noticed new Lowcountry-Mexican spot Caliente during...
8:30 am on Thursday July 1, 2010

Checking out Charleston's ethnic grocers

Image by Flickr user jslander There are plenty of options. Get some guidance. Update July 2: Thanks to the "guest" for spotting an old Charleston City Paper piece about several local ethnic markets; take a read here. Update July 1: Sadly the...
3:12 am on Wednesday February 3, 2010

Test your taste buds at some of Charleston's spiciest spots

Image by Flickr user Wespennest Alison Sher over at the Charleston City Paper has compiled a list of restaurants around Charleston that challenge your palate by adding some serious spices into the mix.
10:41 am on Friday January 15, 2010

Charleston's small Haitian community sticking together

Image by Flickr user caribbWe haven't been talking much about the awful Haitian disaster as we figure the national media can do a much better job, but I did notice a worthy local piece at Live 5 News. The news station caught up with Charleston's...
10:53 am on Sunday December 20, 2009

Party Kingdom grows up, changes its name to 'Quyen' but still dishes up awesome pho

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel The festive dynasty of this Kingdom is at an end to be replaced with more traditional looks. My favorite spot to get a big old bowl of pho in Charleston has gone through a mini-makeover to bring it's atmosphere up...
4:00 am on Monday November 9, 2009

Party Kingdom: Weird name, weird place, awesome pho

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitelImage by 3453757059_88be95d0b2.jpgParty Kingdom: By the name you think their food wouldn't be too great, even by the look of the place you wouldn't think it would be too great. It's not that it's dirty, but rather just...
10:44 am on Sunday July 5, 2009

New Orleans cuisine, chef at the Crescent Connection

Image by YouTube user LOVEYOUC1Image by 20090705-connection.jpgCharlestonians needing a fix of Cajun cooking just lucked out: "The Crescent Connection Bistro" has expanded from just catering into being a full blown restaurant. The bistro offers all...
2:41 am on Thursday June 4, 2009

Johns Island taco cart dishes up cheap and great food

These taco trucks are often legendary for their great prices and even better Mexican food, and it's great to know that one doesn't have to go to North Charleston to find one. The Post and Courier's Rob Young has the rundown, go take a read.