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3:53 am on Saturday January 19, 2013

Some still being charged extra 1% sales tax in Beaufort County

Flickr user "red5standingby"   After collecting $152 million for road improvements across the county, the Beaufort County penny sales tax ended in September 2012 -- but reports are coming in that at least some Bluffton businesses have failed to stop...
5:23 am on Tuesday September 25, 2012

Typo will cost county assessor's office $5,500

flickr user Aaron Goselin Nearly 9,000 letters mailed on behalf of the Beaufort County Assessor's Office informing property owners of factors that could effect the value of their homes will be remailed at a cost of some $5,500. The letters were...
8:10 am on Monday November 10, 2008

Results for Bluffton Town Council race thrown out

The results of the race for Bluffton Town Council have been thrown out after some 166 voters may have been mistakenly not allowed the chance to vote on the race. The difference between first and third place for one seat was just 130 votes, and only...
5:41 am on Sunday October 5, 2008

Murder case retrial shows ugly side of legal system

Highlight the sometimes ugly side of the legal process, the state Supreme Court has repealed a six-year-old murder conviction, saying that there were problems in the case and that James A. Summersett Jr. must be retried for a 2002 slaying. But, no,...