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4:20 am on Wednesday May 26, 2010

Two new grants push Charleston's green goals

Image by Flickr user live w mcsDespite having the comprehensive Green Plan washed away back in April, two recent grant approvals have Charleston back on track toward financing energy-saving home improvements and creating green jobs. According to The...
3:17 am on Thursday March 11, 2010

S.C.'s energy efficiency initiative may go national (updated)

Image by Flickr user EssG The Post and Courier reports that a plan to allow South Carolina homeowners and renters to make energy efficiency improvements with loans paid back with savings on their electric bills could go national. The program, a...
2:59 am on Wednesday September 23, 2009

Local restaurants making the effort to go green

Image by Flickr user zenImage by 20090923-green.jpg In preparations for the grand opening in around a month, W.O.K. (World Oriental Kitchen) founder, Nick Bergelt, isn't cutting any corners in making his new restaurant as eco-friendly as possible....