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1:57 pm on Monday September 22, 2008

Port report overlooks seriousness of cargo ship emissions

Image by Flickr user Jen SFO-BCN Image by 20080922pollution.jpg Ship exhaust: Not a color you want to inhale. At first glance, a report from the South Carolina State Ports Authority is seemingly good news: port related operations during 2005...
9:35 pm on Wednesday May 21, 2008

Bill would lessen pollution from cargo ships

Image by flickr user JenniferWoodardMaderazoImage by 20080521cargo_ship_pollution.jpg Cargo ships generally burn a cheap, tar-like diesel which has a sulfur content many thousands of of times higher than the diesel used by cargo trucks. Highly toxic...
10:28 am on Sunday May 18, 2008

Trash-burning facility sparking back to life

Image by Live Maps After being all but declared dead, Charleston's trash incinerator is showing signs of life. Two months ago, it was decided the facility was no longer viable not only for its cost, but because of environmental impact. The facility...