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3:32 am on Thursday December 3, 2009

Economist predicts strong economic rebound in Lowcountry's near future

Image by Flickr user Steve WamplerUniversity of South Carolina Economist Doug Woodward has great hope that the Lowcountry's economy will skyrocket into the top 10 growing economies in the United States by 2010. How? Easy, Boeing and tourists. The...
3:04 am on Thursday August 7, 2008

One Al Parish investment returns profit

Image by Flickr user Joe ShlabotnikImage by 20080807coins.jpg Maybe your grandmother knew what she was talking about: Al Parish's coin collection ended up being worth $1.25 million, in the end. In a surprising account of accuracy, one of convicted...
5:26 am on Wednesday July 16, 2008

Al Parish to appeal sentence

Al Parish is going to appeal his sentence, according to his lawyer, Andy Savage. Even though the Economan admits he did it, he thinks 24 years is a little too long to stay in prison. Read more about Al Parish on our topic page.Savage filed notice...