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8:43 am on Tuesday April 10, 2012

St. John's Fire Department to Hold Community Day at Freshfields Village

Fire safety is much more than “stop, drop and roll,” and firefighters from the St. Johns Fire Department will be at Freshfields Village Saturday, April 14 as the St. John’s Fire Department Community Day educates the public on fire safety. Children...
6:51 am on Monday April 2, 2012

Children's Museum to host Kid's Night Out this Friday!

Plan a date night, run some errands or just take a break and bring your kids to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry (CML) for Kid’s Night Out on Friday, April 6th from anytime between 5:00pm – 9:00pm.   The Museum will be open for fun crafts,...
7:50 am on Wednesday March 28, 2012


Seventeen Cover Girl Zoe Damacela Inspires Our Youth One School at a Time The results from Zoe Damacela’s seven school tour last week have been tremendous.  Through the collaborative effort of YEScarolina (Youth Entrepreneurship South Carolina) and...
9:00 am on Friday May 21, 2010

South Carolina's unemployment rate drops sharply in April (updated)

Update May 22: The Post and Courier has updated their story on the ins and outs of South Carolina's unemployment by shifting the focus onto the Charleston area and the area's impressive 1.1 percent rate drop over the past month. First reporting:...
11:40 am on Thursday February 18, 2010

Snow stifled SEWE attendance

Image by Flickr user drobnikm The final tallies are in for attendance at the 2010 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition: attendance dropped by about 50 percent on Friday, and paid visitors fell about 15 percent for the entire weekend.
6:40 am on Friday September 18, 2009

South Carolina unemployment edges down to 11.5%

Image by Flickr user Old Sarge Image by 20090918-jobs.jpg After I was none-to-impressed with last months drop, South Carolina seems to have charted its first significant drop in unemployment -- even if it is just down 0.2% points to 11.5%. Read...
2:59 am on Thursday October 30, 2008

Lower sales threaten municipal budgets

The Post and Courier on the hidden downside of fewer folks buying things: Across the Lowcountry, cash registers ring less, and sales tax collections drop. That raises property tax bills, because there's less local-option sales tax for property tax...