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11:56 am on Wednesday February 13, 2013

New Dorchester County park piquing public interest

The recently purchased park at Bacon's Bridge on the Ashley River has received such a great deal of public attention that Dorchester County officials have implemented addition security, including fencing installation, around it to bar community...
8:02 am on Wednesday February 13, 2013

New Dorchester County park piquing public interest

Image by Flickr user rjcox The recently purchased park at Bacon's Bridge on the Ashley River has received such a great deal of public attention that Dorchester County officials have implemented additional security, including fencing installation,...
12:00 pm on Tuesday April 26, 2011

Dorchester County jail considers tent cells

Image by Flickr user rtelka Let's hope that Dorchester County's tent jail cells would be more secure than this one.Tents for inmates--it'll be just like camping out! Right? Not sure about that, but it certainly would be a cheap and quick way to add...
12:56 pm on Tuesday February 8, 2011

S.C. Highway Patrol given $1.5M to catch up with speeders, including those in Charleston

The S.C. Highway Patrol has been given an additional $1.5 million to work overtime in order to better patrol some of the state's most dangerous roads, including those in the tri-county. The State has a report on the initiative that you can read here...
12:40 pm on Thursday December 9, 2010

Largest solar tracking panel in South Carolina unveiled, to be followed with beer, bratwurst

Image by IMO USAThis is what happens when a German company sets up shop in Dorchester County: You wind up with a 40,000-square-foot facility, 1,600-square-foot sun-tracking dual-axis solar panel, and an unveiling exhibition on renewable energy with ...
6:47 am on Saturday October 9, 2010

Despite business woes, 2 a.m. bar closing to stick in Dorchester County

Image by Flickr user beboehmer After instituting a 2 a.m. closing rule for bars due to growth in crime during the late night hours, business dried up and momentum grew to push back the closing to 4 a.m. -- but it's not to be so; check out the short...
1:45 pm on Thursday July 15, 2010

Dorchester cops seize 15 pounds of marijuana, 39 plants

Image by Flickr user jasonawhite After tracking a delivery of 15 pounds of marijuana to a Reevesville address, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office arrested Sammie Willis Jr. and seized 39 marijuana plants from the residence. Head on over to Live 5...
7:49 am on Tuesday June 22, 2010

Dorchester deputies take first place in national tactical competition

Image by Flickr user Michael @ NW LensDon't mess with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Department. Captain David Moore and Lieutenant Ken Billings took home the first place trophy and bragging rights from the National Rifle Association's Tactical...
4:59 pm on Tuesday June 1, 2010

Dorchester deputy resigns after allegations of using cop car to go to bars, drink

Image by Flickr user steve Jason Shrewsbury has resigned his position at the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office following an investigation about whether or not he was driving to bars in his patrol car and drinking.  The Post and Courier has the...
12:19 pm on Tuesday April 6, 2010

Dorchester County thinking about raising $5M for parks, looks to ask voters

Dorchester County doesn't have a park and is looking to put a question on the November ballot about raising $5 million to preserve land and build parks.