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6:22 am on Thursday September 8, 2011

Copper theft trail leads to bizarre hold up incident

Image by Flickr user wetwebworkA bizarre series of events unfolded in West Ashley  on Wednesday. As City of Charleston Police followed a trail from a copper theft scene, it lead them to a man they recognized, and when police arrived at his home the...
6:13 am on Sunday August 14, 2011

S.C. works to crack down on copper thieves (update: law takes effect)

Image by Flickr user TaranRampersad Update August 11: The new law that adds regulation to track the buying and selling of scrap metal goes into effect on Wednesday, August 17. The bill, of course, aims to slow rampant copper and other metal thefts...
3:47 am on Sunday August 14, 2011

S.C. works to crack down on copper thieves (update: less crime)

Flickr user free-stock Update August 14: More on what we know here, that a new law regulating the sale of scrap metal likely will help reduce crimes related to copper theft. At least that's the hope. Check out The Island Packet story here.  Update...
8:59 am on Sunday June 19, 2011

S.C. works to crack down on copper thieves (update: law)

Flickr user TaranRampersad Update June 19: A quick note to report the ban is now law. Gov. Nikki Haley signed the bill on Friday. First reporting: As South Carolina continues to grapple with copper theft for recycling crimes, state legislators...
2:14 am on Wednesday March 30, 2011

Thieves steal $4K worth of copper from Berkeley Electric Cooperative (update: arrests)

Image by Flickr user TaranRampersadUpdate March 30: Three in their early 20s have been arrested on charges of second-degree burglary in the case. Head on over to The Post and Courier for more details and some context on the still rampant problems of...
4:46 am on Saturday December 19, 2009

Crook steals copper from AC units, Summerville church suffers thousands in damage

Image by Flickr user patrick h. lauke A couple years back I used to hear a lot about folks stripping AC units of their valuable copper to turn a quick buck. Well this time Old Fort Baptist Church in Summerville got hit and will have to shell out...