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4:51 am on Tuesday March 19, 2013

Offer your comments on Beaufort's new civic plan

Over the last several years the City of Beaufort has worked to create a new comprehensive plan to guide development on appropriate look and feel for neighborhoods throughout the city, now that 100 year Civic Master Plan has reached a draft state and...
3:02 am on Wednesday October 19, 2011

Have a say in Beaufort's future: Come out to the design meeting

City of Beaufort Post-event update: The overall vibe that came out of the meetings was that connectivity is key for the growth of Beaufort, and not just for cars but for pedestrians and bikes, too. The Island Packet has a nice report on the...
3:48 am on Wednesday March 2, 2011

A quick introduction to and from the Beaufort Redevelopment Commission

Editor's note: This letter comes from Jonathan Verity, chairman of Beaufort Redevelopment Commission, a group that interacts with many key projects underway in Beaufort such as the Boundary and Bladen Streets planning and new master plan. They have...
3:58 am on Friday February 18, 2011

City, consultants start public dialog over new plan

TheDigitel Juliann Vachon of the Island Packet published a piece about Beaufort's soon-to-be implemented Civic Master Plan public workshops. More than 55 people convened at Beaufort City Hall to discuss which programs should be involved in the...
9:10 am on Sunday October 17, 2010

Charting a new vision for Beaufort

TheDigitel The City of Beaufort is returning to the skills of The Lawrence Group to take the city's current Comprehensive Plan one step further and create a Civic Master Plan -- and they're trying to do it in a way that shifts current funding...