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2:55 pm on Sunday January 9, 2011

HOW TO: Make a Rainbow Roll

Chef Sean Park of O-ku Sushi shows us how to make one of the most popular sushi rolls known to man: the rainbow roll.   Be sure to check out all of Chef Sean’s how to videos and sushi 101 on O-ku TV. Scottish Salmon and Yellowtail (Hamachi) Filed...
4:29 pm on Friday December 17, 2010

How to: Make Yellowtail and Salmon Tartare

Scottish Salmon and Yellowtail (Hamachi) Chef Sean Park of O-ku continues his “how to” series with this how to make yellowtail and salmon tartare.  It’s just as delicious as it is easy. Filed under: Chef Sean Park, Culinary Scene, How To, How to...
7:42 am on Thursday August 26, 2010

How to: Make Zakin Sushi

Here, Chef Sean shows us how to make a second type of nigiri called zakin sushi or ball sushi.  This ball-shaped sushi is fun to make, follow Sean, he’ll show you! The first video of the How to: make nigiri series can be watched here Filed under:...
11:26 am on Tuesday August 17, 2010

How To: Make Gunkan Sushi

Here, Chef Sean shows us how to make one of two types of nigiri sushi.  Nigiri is when you take sushi rice, ball it up, and place something (like raw fish) on top of it.  This particular type of nigiri is called gunkan sushi– Japanese translation:...