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7:51 am on Tuesday January 11, 2011

Why Waiting for a Price Decrease Could Cost You the Big Bucks $$$

Lorcan Lucey, one of my favorite mortgage brokers in Charleston sends out a monthly rate update newsletter. His most recent one tells a tale about why waiting for a price decrease on a house you love could cost you the big bucks over the long run....
12:03 pm on Monday December 13, 2010

The ugly truth about selling your house in 'this' market.

1. Your stuff is great, but it’s ugly. Please don’t be offended.  We’ve all got beautiful things collected over the years and comfortable furniture that we would never get rid of, but buyers do NOT want to see it.  They … Continue reading →
1:26 pm on Monday December 6, 2010

What $200,000 gets you in Charleston

For this series, I am just going to take a look at what is available on the Charleston Peninsula.  Yes, I know you can do a search on your own but wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it helps to have … Continue reading →
9:05 am on Wednesday August 25, 2010

Simplistate Recognized for Innovation in Helping Clients

We are pleased to have Simplistate, LLC named one of the most innovative real estate brokerage firms in the U.S. by Better Homes and Gardens new Beta Brokerage project. We strive to use the last technology and old-fashioned friendliness to bring you...
5:43 am on Wednesday July 21, 2010

Sometimes As-Is doesn’t mean As-Is

I’m currently working with a young couple, helping them buy their first house.  After looking around the whole Charleston area, they fell in LOVE with a house in North Charleston. The house is bank owned.  (a foreclosure) On the surface, it appeared...
3:58 am on Wednesday July 7, 2010

Amazing Helicopter Footage of Charleton Area Lowcountry

Adam Boozer from Jewell&Ginnie created a spectacular video of the Charleston Lowcountry. The video has aerial shots of the marshes, beaches, downtown Charleston and much more. We’re lucky to have this talented guy shooting video showing off...
7:46 am on Friday May 21, 2010

Opportunity at Hibben in Mount Pleasant

Hibben is an enclave in Mount Pleasant, close to the bridges into downtown and 526.  It’s a large master community with distinct neighborhoods awaiting new residents.  Click the link below to watch a video overview of the Hibben neighborhood: see...
5:43 pm on Wednesday April 28, 2010

Prudential: Consumers optimistic about real estate market, unshaken by tax credit expiration

Despite the bad news from about the Charleston real estate market, Prudential says consumers are feeling good about real estate.  Here’s an excerpt from the story: According to a national survey commissioned by Prudential Real Estate...