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9:46 am on Thursday January 6, 2011

Why it’s hard not to PLUMP up in Charleston

It's hard not to plump up in Charleston because so many great restaurants open weekly. Continue reading →
1:59 pm on Monday December 20, 2010

A Full Moon and Christmas Tree at Colonial Lake

And it’s the eve of the Solstice.  And there will be a meteor shower tonight.  And a lunar eclipse.  Wow.
12:05 pm on Friday December 10, 2010

Nature in the Middle of the City – at Colonial Lake

I was taking a walk this morning when I caught this guy standing on the sidewalk looking for his breakfast.  Here in Harleston Village around Colonial Lake in Downtown Charleston, we see a huge variety of nature on a daily … Continue reading →
3:29 pm on Sunday December 5, 2010

Celebrating at our annual Holiday Parade Party

For the past few years, we’ve decided to have our company party on the Sunday of the annual King Street Holiday Parade. Why? Because our office is on King St and because it’s a whole lotta fun. So each of … Continue reading →