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11:45 am on Thursday September 12, 2013

World's largest cat is in Myrtle Beach area

At 922 pounds, Morris the Cat is the world's largest arcording to the 2014 edition of Guinness World Records.
12:25 pm on Tuesday December 1, 2009

Thiamine-deficient cat food recalled

Image by TvB, via Wikimedia Commons Select bags of two types of dry cat food from Diamond Pet Foods, a brand distributed in South Carolina, are being recalled for lacking a specific nutrient. Many users of the interwebs have cats, so please check...
8:18 am on Monday November 23, 2009

Local woman starts pet fire rescue fund

Image by Flickr user Lou Angeli DigitalImage by 20091123-pets.jpgJanet Fincannon has five cats, and wants the fire department to be able to care for them just as they would a human. She recently started Oxygen Masks for Pets, possibly the most aptly...
3:31 am on Monday August 3, 2009

Man's best bag: S.C. groomer transforms pet hair to luxury handbags

Image by Still image: Catty Shack CreationsImage by 20090803-bag.jpgIf you love your pet and have ever thought all their shaved hair is a waste, then you're not alone.  Upstate pet groomer, Danelle German, had the same thought and used the notion to...