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11:55 am on Sunday April 24, 2011

South of Broad in Charleston and need a bathroom? You'll have to hold it (update: Riley says it is how it is)

Image by Flickr user Mr. T in DCUpdate April 23: Ah, holding it in historic Charleston is a story that never seems to get old.  While a report by ABC News 4 mainly rehashes old points, it's notable for some remarks by Mayor Joe Riley that city has...
5:16 am on Tuesday December 7, 2010

Inaccessibility of Mary Street garage's public restroom is causing a stink

Image by Flickr user FoomandoonianYou'd think that the City of Charleston could maintain one of the freakishly few public restrooms, but visitors, business owners and even the city's chief financial officer disprove that theory. The public restroom...
7:34 am on Sunday May 30, 2010

The Holy City of holding it: Public bathroom shortage still a problem in Charleston (updated)

Image by Flickr user Susan NYC Update May 30: The Post and Courier has followed up with another article in this series with additional thoughts from Mayor Joe Riley on the issue ... nothing terribly new, but interesting if it's an issue that bugs...
2:59 pm on Sunday November 9, 2008

Where Charleston's history flows, it can be hard to tinkle

Image by Flickr user karen hortonImage by 20081108-bathroom.jpg When tourists travel south of Broad Street to Charleston's most historic areas, they often enter an area devoid of public bathrooms. It not only imperils bladders and bushes, but shop's...