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6:33 am on Monday May 11, 2015

Volvo to build factory in South Carolina

The Swedish automaker will build will build its first U.S. car factory, and it will be in Berkeley County. More than 4,000 could see employment.
3:38 am on Friday July 24, 2009

Get up to $4,500 for your old gas guzzler

Image by Flickr user Simone Ramella Image by 20090724-smog.jpgA $1 billion federal program aims to stimulate the economy and get some gas-guzzlers off the road, and it officially gets going today, July 24. The basics are that you'll need to have a...
10:58 am on Monday April 20, 2009

Bosch lays off another two hundred employees

Image by BoschImage by 20090420-bosch.jpg Bosch's North Charleston plant employed more than 2,000 in late 2008, but will be down to 1,650 by the end of the week. Bosch's North Charleston facility is laying off more production workers. The Charleston...
4:53 am on Tuesday April 7, 2009

Johnny's Subaru closes, follows path of Johnny's Suzuki dealerships

The Post and Courier reports, that some two months after the two Johnny's Suzuki dealerships closed, West Ashley's Johnny's Subaru and Isuzu has followed suit. Read more stories on this subject in our auto dealership topic page.The Charleston area...
2:18 pm on Friday January 23, 2009

Johnny's Suzuki closes two dealerships (updated)

Update January 24: The Post and Courier has added more background and details with an updated story. If you want more, go read it. First reporting: Two more local dealerships have kicked the bucket: Johnny's Suzuki of Summerville and Moncks Corner...
1:54 pm on Tuesday January 13, 2009

Many S.C. dealerships closed during 2008

Image by Flickr user EnnorImage by 20090113-car-dealer.jpg Giant sales or not, many dealerships couldn't make it during 2008. By the end of 2008 there were 13% fewer car dealerships in South Carolina. You can head over to The Charleston Regional...
3:14 pm on Monday January 5, 2009

Bosch to layoff 10% of Charleston workforce (updated)

After offering buyouts to 2,100 local employees, Bosch today announced it was looking for around 210 to take the offer but that only 75 did. The company will layoff folks to fill in that gap by mid January. To read more about this latest development...
11:15 am on Monday December 1, 2008

Southern politicians not too keen on auto-maker bailout

The Charleston Regional Business Journal on Southern politician's feelings for a bailout of Detroit: It’s unfair to reward an industry that has saddled itself with a top-heavy management structure, runaway employee salaries and union monopolization...
7:22 am on Monday November 24, 2008

Auto-maker collapse could mean more jobs for the South

Image by Berthold Hermle AGImage by 20081124-robot.jpg More jobs for the South, and many more jobs for robots in the South. The Wall Street Journal on what no bailout for Detroit could mean for the South's employment: As Detroit's auto makers seek a...