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1:00 pm on Tuesday June 21, 2011

82 Queen's new summer menu promises to take advantage of local foods

Image by Flickr user Chris Moncus Photo Chances are that after you check out 82 Queen's new summer menus, you'll be basking under their twinkly lights sooner rather than later!It's definitely summer in the Lowcountry - it's evident by the humid,...
2:57 am on Tuesday March 15, 2011

82 Queen adds expanded brunch, spring menu and live music

Image by Flickr user Beginning the weekend of March 18th, 82 Queen restaurant will be adding an expanded brunch, a seasonal menu, and live entertainment in the courtyard. Beginning March 19th, the restaurant will expand to a weekend brunch to...
10:38 am on Tuesday December 29, 2009

82 Queen to feed the need of the Lowcountry

Image by Flickr user IndyDina with Mr. WonderfulOn January 6th, 82 Queen will prepare and serve 400 meals at the Neighborhood House downtown as part of the ongoing ‘Charleston Chefs Feed the Need’ coalition. This new program began in March of 2009...
6:26 am on Thursday October 9, 2008

82 Queen still a Charleston gem

Image by Charleston ReviewImage by 20081008fillet.jpg Charleston Review stopped by the Lowcountry staple that is 82 Queen to check it out once again and see how they've been holding up after all these years. An excerpt: Far from a one-trick pony, 82...