UnlockSC will launch July 1

Two Local Tech Companies Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Benefit South Carolina Schools

Monday, July 1, BiblioLabs will be harnessing the power of technology to benefit schools across South Carolina with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on local platform, Funding SC.

The campaign, dubbed, “UnlockSC,” will raise money to give South Carolina students perpetual access to BiblioLabs’ central product, BiblioBoard.

“Schools in our state and across the country often fall behind the technological curve,” said BiblioLabs Founder and Chief Business Officer, Mitchell Davis. “We’re born and bred South Carolinians, and we’ve developed this product that has tremendous potential to positively affect the way students learn. So, we thought, why not make a change here in South Carolina?”

UnlockSC’s goal is to raise enough money for the three South Carolina counties with the lowest per capita income to receive access to BiblioBoard.

“We want to start by trying to fund the first three counties: Dillon, Marlboro, and Clarendon. If we reach that goal, we’ll keep adding counties,” Davis said.

BiblioLabs hopes to cover nominal maintenance costs with the funds raised— they will be reducing BiblioBoard’s retail price by 96.3 percent for the UnlockSC project.

UnlockSC will be launched on local crowdfunding site, Funding SC. Funding SC is part of a larger system of localized crowdfunding sites founded by Charleston entrepreneur, John Osborne, in February 2013.

“When Mitchell first approached me with the idea for the project I was excited about what we could accomplish together. To combine helping students in South Carolina by providing access to BiblioBoard, with the crowdfunding technology Funding SC offers, is an awesome project to be a part of. So many see the importance of— and are passionate about— integrating technology into the education system in South Carolina.  This project allows those individuals and companies the opportunity to immediately make a difference by contributing to UnlockSC,” Osborne said.

 After officially launching in late March, BiblioBoard is being quickly being adopted by academic, public and K-12 libraries across the globe. Early adopters of the technology include academic and research libraries such as the British Library, University of Pittsburgh, and Wake Forest, as well as independent colleges, and US public library systems.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive reaction to this product on a global scale,” said Davis. “Now, we’re hoping to bring it back home.”


Find more pre-launch information on BiblioBlog: http://bit.ly/11Y1IQ0

Monday, July 1, UnlockSC goes live at: http://fundingsc.com

A free trial version of BiblioBoard Core will be available for the duration of UnlockSC:


Username: unlocksc@biblioboard.com

Password: ICARE4SC


About BiblioLabs, LLC

BiblioLabs, LLC is a Charleston-based hybrid software-media company that created BiblioBoard, a sustainable app ecosystem that syncs technology with education. It features curated books, images, documents, artifacts, sounds, and video, organized thematically. The app is native to all tablet devices and the web. It is an engaging new way for students to learn on tablets and the web. BiblioLabs has set up a special trial version of BiblioBoard Core that will be available for the duration of UnlockSC. It can be accessed at: library.biblioboard.com; Username: unlocks@biblioboard.com; Password: ICARE4SC. To learn more about BiblioBoard, visit www.BiblioBoard.com


About Funding SC

Funding SC is part of a larger system of localized crowdfunding sites founded by Charleston entrepreneur, John Osborne. Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Osborne studied finance and economics while attending Charleston Southern University on a golf scholarship. After various roles in the financial services industry, Osborne launched FundingCharleston.com, February 2013, immediately followed by FundingBillings.com and, most recently, FundingSC.com. These crowdfunding sites offer a mechanism for local entrepreneurs to fund business growth and for investors to invest in local businesses. To learn more about Funding SC, visit www.FundingSC.com.


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