Look at all those New South beer cans....

It's Beer Can Appreciation Day!

Sure most Beerophiles turn up their noses at beer out of a can, preferring of course draft or bottle beer, but the beer can is one of the best alcoholic inventions in the last 100 years. Beer has only been offered in a can since 1935, can you imagine a world where there was no been in a can? Tailgating parties would be lame or rather deadly thanks to broken glass. Shot-gunning a beer would have never been. And of course the cool party trick of smashing a beer can on ones head (and staying conscious) wouldn't be a thing -how else would chicks know you're tough and manly and drunk?


Brush up on your Beer Can history over at Wikipedia and lets all thank the gods of drinking that pull-tab cans are a thing of bleeding foot on the beach past. 

So take a moment (or six) and celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day.

***Don't be a jerk and drink responsibly!***

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