Tech takeover: Wearable technology working its way into everyday life in Myrtle Beach

In today’s digital age, countless people are exceedingly dependent on some kind of mobile device — smartphone, tablet or laptop. On a daily basis, these devices connect us with an assortment of services — the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, weather apps, calendars and project management tools and much more. 

These devices act as personal assistants, a digital friend that has your back, keeping you informed on what’s happening in the world at any given time, when the next movie starts or the current weather forecast. Information is available almost immediately with a single swipe or click.

While the term technology encompasses a range of ideas, products, devices and services, what’s currently trending in technology are tools that interact directly with our devices and everyday lives. 

A selection of features, devices and programs are blossoming on the market, leading technology in a whole other direction. Some of these tools track our heart rate, are connected directly to our bank accounts, or store pictures, files or information “in the cloud.”

In Myrtle Beach, the demand for certain technology is on the rise — wearables, mobile pay programs and cloud computing services. As people look for ways to simplify their lives, mobile providers and retailers are stocking their shelves with the latest gadgets and getting informed on new services that help sync and simplify our daily lives.