Myrtle Beach making tweaks to surfing areas on north end

Myrtle Beach is considering updating the surf zones on the north end of the city.

Residents in the Northwoods neighborhood told Myrtle Beach officials they didn’t know they couldn’t surf at the beach near their homes until this summer when a lifeguard stand was added. The lifeguard was enforcing the no-surf zone there.

“Before there was no lifeguard located at 78th or 79th avenues,” City Manager John Pedersen said. “Surfing isn’t allowed in that area but people were surfing there because there was not a constant [lifeguard] presence to enforce that. Residents in that area complained about not being able to surf, so we decided to take a look at it.”

City spokesman Mark Kruea also said that due to the increased number of people using the beach north of 82nd Avenue North, lifeguards have stopped surfers from getting into the water in that area.